Welcome to the web pages of the Pilsen Garbage Project focused on the relationship between humans and waste. This web provides essential information about our aims, theoretical basis, methodology, publication activities, and members of the research team. Also, we include useful links to other institutions, projects, and scholars interested in human waste.


Ladislav Holy Lecture

06/02/2017 10:36
On January 21, Daniel Sosna, the member of PGP, presented Ladislav Holy Lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Czech Association for Social Anthropology. The presentation was focused on informal economy of waste approached via the perspective of ordinary ethics. Czech abstract is here: LHL...

Blog post: Archaeologies of Waste

28/11/2016 16:51
This is our blog post concerning the new book: oxbowdbbc.wordpress.com/2016/11/28/archaeologies-of-waste-encounters-with-the-unwanted/

Book is out!

28/11/2016 16:49
Our edited volume Archaeologies of Waste is finally out:www.oxbowbooks.com/oxbow/archaeologies-of-waste.html#.WDril7ZCTmo.twitter  

Presentation at AAA

17/11/2016 07:21
Our last presentation was focused on military waste in a former military reservation Brdy in the Czech Republic. www.eventscribe.com/2013/app/tweets.asp?AccountID=11923642&EventID=2903&ClientID=532&PresentationID=211039&BoothID=&PresenterID=&PosterID=

Edited volume in Oxbow Books

22/03/2016 17:34
Our edited volume entitled 'Archaeologies of Waste: Encounters with the Unwanted' was annouced on Oxbow Books' web: http://www.oxbowbooks.com/oxbow/archaeologies-of-waste.html The book will be published during 2016.  

Andrew Sanchez's Lecture

27/04/2015 11:48
At the end of April Dr. Andrew Sanchez from the University of Kent in Canterbury visited our department in Pilsen and presented an interesting paper entitled "Creation and Transformation: Work, Skill and Value in an Indian Scrap Yard". Abstract: For the employees of an Indian scrap-metal yard, work...

Josh Reno's Lecture

19/04/2015 04:56
In March Dr. Joshua Reno from Binghamton University, State University of New York, visited our department in Pilsen and presented an interesting paper entitled "The Blasphemous Life of American Landfills". Abstract: According to Eugene Thacker (2011), "Blasphemous life is the life that is living...


18/12/2013 10:22
We are happy to announce that our team received a grant from the Czech Science Foundation for the period 2014-2016. The project is entitled 'Social Dimension of Household Waste: Consumption in the Post-Socialist Space'

Lecture in Canterbury

18/12/2013 10:13
On December 5 we presented a paper entitled 'Archaeologies of the Unwanted: Rubbish in Human World' at School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. We received an excellent critical feedback about our essential concepts and methodological approaches. Also, our...

2013 Field Season

17/09/2013 13:40
Our second field season was a success. We had a lot of support from the recycling center in Valcha near Pilsen where our data recording took place and our field assitants - MA students - made a great job in data recording. Also, the use and synchronization of two iPads powered by Filemaker Go...
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